Hair Curlers Rollers 30pcs/bag

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★Hair Rollers Advantage -- easy to use suit for all hair type. make beautiful curly and body wave hair without any damage!

Break tradition refuse electric hair,perm hair, save hundred dollar money and hours time to go to salon.

Only easy steps and a few minutes time can have nice hair curly wave-choose moderate hair and roll your hair at the hair roller soft sponge

area until to the hair top, after all, fold hair rollers without any clip. The key is keep tight from starting of rolling hair.

★Soft Sleep Hair Rollers-- super light and soft special for sleeping. The nice curly, loose or body hair wave you like will be appear after you wake up.

No need worried about chemical or water touch your pillow. No need sleep with a wet hair, sleep at rest and beauty at best time starting of the day morning.

★Different Beauty Way Of Hair Curly Wave--for longer hair can 2 rollers use together as 1 hair roller, most of people 1 roll make one hair wave just like

our use way picture, some long hair use for down half part more prominent temperament, different direction of starting roll hair in or out make different

anti warped hair curly wave, different operation make out different beauty hair wave. Maybe you are the best beauty with our hair rollers.

★Easy To Take And Store--Light weight hair rollers set very suitable for travel or holiday, many times used can wash it with water, after dry keep in bag.

Beauty natural curly hair wave and good sleeping both of all you can get!

★ Pillow Hair Curler Set--30pcs pink dots sponge hair rollers. 30mins witness beauty hair curly wave.

Thanks to choose and experience our sleeping hair rollers.


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